Episode 1

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1st Dec, 2020

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About the Podcast

The Three Host Contingency
behavior analytic conversations from the MO to the Consequence
A show that starts with the Motivating Operation and transitions through the operant to giving you practical takeaways to be more effective in your work as a behavior analyst. While we are the three host contingency, you, our listeners are the 4th term.

The show format is simple, 4 segments:
The Motivating Operation: The why, the current context in which we operate, the current deprivation conditions we are trying to address.
The Antecedent: the specific stimuli that we are trying to manipulate, change, put in place across the organization.
The Conversation: an interview with a current thought leader, and or researcher that can inform our practice.
The Consequence: the practical takeaways that lead to significant change in your practice and our organization.

About your host

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Timothy Yeager

A father of three; Roslyn, Atticus, and Ezra. A fiance to Tiffany. A son to Ben and Phyllis. A functional contextualist and a firm believer that we can transform lives and communities through the science of behavior analysis.