Episode 1

Published on:

1st Dec 2020

The Repertoire of a Leader; Dr. John Austin

Welcome to the Three Host Contingency; behavior analytic conversations that transition from the MO to the Consequence with practical takeaways each week

We are three behavior analysts working hard to serve our clinical staff. This podcast represents one way we communicate what we are working on, the process with which we go about problem solving and discussions with the people that influence our work.

In our first episode, we jump right in the repertoire of a leader.

  1. Motivating Operation: We discuss who we are, and what drives us.
  2. The Antecedent: Establishing a structure and development process to build effective clinical leaders.
  3. The Conversation: An interview with Dr. John Austin
  4. The Consequence: What's your intention as a supervisor.

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About the Podcast

The Three Host Contingency
behavior analytic conversations from the MO to the Consequence
A show that starts with the Motivating Operation and transitions through the operant to giving you practical takeaways to be more effective in your work as a behavior analyst. While we are the three host contingency, you, our listeners are the 4th term.

The show format is simple, 4 segments:
The Motivating Operation: The why, the current context in which we operate, the current deprivation conditions we are trying to address.
The Antecedent: the specific stimuli that we are trying to manipulate, change, put in place across the organization.
The Conversation: an interview with a current thought leader, and or researcher that can inform our practice.
The Consequence: the practical takeaways that lead to significant change in your practice and our organization.

About your host

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Timothy Yeager

A father of three; Roslyn, Atticus, and Ezra. A fiance to Tiffany. A son to Ben and Phyllis. A functional contextualist and a firm believer that we can transform lives and communities through the science of behavior analysis.